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My Services

I have been a SAG-AFTRA Voiceover performer since before there was a SAG-AFTRA, 2004  to be precise.   Always a consummate professional, I provide  prepared, intelligent and responsive reads to make you sessions a breeze and your spots pop. In addition, my long history of theatrical work, and childhood passion for mimicking cartoon voices can  bring your animated characters to life. Coaching and demo directing services are also available.

VO Testimonials

Chris Dier (Writer/Director-Supernormal, Onion, Defy Media )

"I've been fortunate to work with Brian on a number of animated shorts. Brian is the most versatile, energetic, and personable voice over actor I have ever worked with. Brian is an asset to any production he is part of." 

Cheryl Ross Mitchell (Quicksilver, Freelance Producer)

"For a Millennial sound with attitude, Brian's your guy. Regardless of how dense or complex the copy, Brian makes it come alive. He's definitely a "go-to" guy."

Michael Spencer (Alight Solutions) 

"... we produce videos that could easily end up feeling pretty dull. Brian is one of my go-to actors for taking this dry content and adding life.  He can take a video about benefits enrollment and make it fun. Or serious. Or quirky. Or straightforward. Whatever mood I'm looking for, Brian does something brilliant and somehow ends up conveying an approachable tone and delivery that just draws people in—He speaks with clarity and always comes prepared to nail the project on the first take."

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Teaching, Coaching, Demo's


Coaching and Directing Services

My passion for the craft of voice over, and a long history of teaching naturally lead me to become vo teacher, coach and most recently a demo director.   I teach Voiceover at Columbia College Chicago, and the Acting Studio Chicago,  and I have taught workshops for University of Illinois Chicago, WIRE School of Music, and Dominican University.  I'm also a private VO coach and Demo director.

Upcoming events

Check the  Voice Over Class schedule at The Acting Studio Chicago  for Summer and fall classes. Or contact me below to set up a 1 on 1 coaching session. 

Affordable Rates, Quality Notes.

Affordable in-studio, at home, and  remote coaching available.   Get your skills up to peak levels before going on your agent meetings or for that next big audition.   Be able to deliver your own distinctive read, and  incorporate notes in a heart beat.

Demo's can cost, a lot, and actor's are on a budget.    Through partnerships with various high quality engineers and studios, I'll set you up with a package right for where you are at in your career guaranteed to save you money, and still get you a product you can be proud of. 

Demo, Coaching Client, and Student Testimonials

"Brian is an absolute pleasure to work with, putting me at ease the entire time and cheering me on every step of the way. He really cares and it shows; I have done some of my best work with him."- Clayton Margeson

"I loved working with Brian.  He's a great coach and I really appreciated the positive and collaborative environment he engendered - really trusted him, his taste level, his choices in scripts, his coaching and felt like I could do my best work with him at the helm. My demo is great and my agent loves it, too!"

-Carolyn Kruse

"Brian really understood how to challenge everybody in class according to their individual needs and styles. He assessed and refined my strengths and helped me to identify areas I can improve to become more well rounded and prepared for a career in voice over."

-Brendan Balfe

"I had no experience with voice over work before the beginner’s course with Brian, and I didn’t know what to expect. Brian fosters a supportive and encouraging environment, and I felt I was comfortable pushing myself and let myself take risks."

- Cynthia Chang


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