Corporate Engagement

Don't just communicate your message. Invigorate it.

Whether you need a vibrant spokesperson to deliver an important keynote, an engager that can give product demonstrations and drive customer conversations to your sales team, or an Emcee to  make your engagement enjoyable as well as informative, you have come to the right place. 

I am well versed in the following:

Trade Show -Scripted Presenting-

Hosting/Emcee work - Scripted/ Improvisational

Corporate Theatre- Scripted/ Improvisational

(including  structured feedback /debriefing/training workshops)

Docent /  Product demonstration

Crowd gathering

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 I provide more than a friendly smile ;)

With years of experience in technical and medical live events, as wells as  background in marketing, and medical education, I'm more than your average actor.  I have the curiosity and the knowledge base to help you achieve the goals of your program.

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Corporate Education and Presenter Reel

Check out this compilation of clips from  corporate videos and live events.


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Paonessa Talent-773 -360-8749

Trade Show Presenter

(708) 307-6136