Violence is Fun

Experience is key

With 25 years of continuous martial arts training  and 20 years of instruction experience, and 15 years of working with fights on stage and on film,  my fights are always grounded in realism, whether performing them myself or designing for your actors.

It's about the story.

Coming from the perspective of an actor and a director, my focus is always on the story.  How do these characters express themselves through violence and what does that violence do to the story?

Safety First

Originally trained in stage combat by the Society of American Fight Directors, and in stunts by the International Stunt School, my priority has always been making sure performers have safe repeatable action, that they are comfortable performing, because when actors are comfortable, the acting can come to life.

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Fight Choreography



 Fight choreography and violence design for Theatre and Film / TV / Video

Specializing in unarmed, martial arts, and found weapons violence.  However I have choreographed plenty of sword fights, knife fights, and gun fights.

 I pride myself on the ability to communicate and teach novice/beginner actors quickly and effectively.

Experience Choreographing / Teaching:

Professional Film/Theatre


Community College

High School 

Middle School

Non-pyro special affects available for knife and gun wounds

All weapons / sfx / prop rentals must be handled separately. 

Upcoming events

Upcoming this winter is Fight Ensemble workshop with the Performance School Highland Park, and violence design for Jekyl and Hyde the musical at Bolingbrook High School.


Joshua Russell ( Filmmaker, Director, Producer)

“Brian’s choreography added a level of power and realism that I could not have imagined. His ability to develop choreography that aids the narrative, work with trained and untrained actors, and his excellence in safety standards made him a dream to work with. Brian will always be my go-to guy for fight choreography.” 

Benjamin Douma (Student, Hope College)

Brian works incredibly well with others. He has the ability to produce great results while keeping the process enjoyable and easy to follow, even with groups that may not have any prior experience in stage combat.

Izzy Schonfeld (Student, Hope College)

"Brian created fun and inventive choreography while making sure we knew how to stay safe. Working with him was a blast!"

Current Deals

 The charges for my services vary based on the medium,  location  and  time commitment.  Please don't hesitate to ask for a quote.. My start was in storefront, and I'm union guy, so deep discounts are available to Small Storefronts and Equity Houses, and SAG- AFTRA indie productions.

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