New Demo’s, a Reel and More….

Well, it is decided.  I am absolutely too busy to keep a blog, since it has been  months since I have posted any updates.     Lots of theatre, voice over and filming  has transpired  since I last posted.  I appeared in Raven Theatre’s Holiday Show - Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Goose. I played Brian  Simms  in the Jeff Recommended/ Nominated  Never the Bridesmaid by Bill Jepsen. I have also recorded  many voice overs and traveled to many cities as a corporate presenter.  I shot an episode of Chicago Fire,#114 for those of you who haven’t seen it, and Easy Abby is picking up steam as the show recently topped 1 million views.  Coming up:  Fight Choreography for Blue Whitney part of Leap fest X at the DCA Storefront, I will be  appearing this fall in  To Master the Art at the Broadway Playhouse, and  I have two  short films that are currently in production.

For those  that are interested here are my new voice demos and a link to my  newly minted film reel.

Brian Plocharczyk Commercial voice over demo

Brian Plocharczyk Narration Demo

Film Reel on IMDB

Well  that’s all for now.

Hopefully it’s not another 6 months before I get back on here.

Cheers- BP

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