The Whirlwind of Farragut North

Farragut North Bed Room Scene

Farragut North went into rehearsals  late this summer, while I was playing Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, at First Folio Theatre in Oak Brook.    A few weeks into the rehearsal process I was relieved to  be closing  R and J, as much fun as it was,  I was ready to  focus on the monumental task of playing Stephen Bellamy.  The  challenging role is now  better known as Stephen Meyers in the Ryan Gosling and George Clooney movie, Ides of March. As the production inched toward  dress rehearsals I was cast as the lead in a short film titled OMG.   Shooting nights and early mornings and rehearsing at night provided some challenges, but also created an interesting parallel between my life and the life  of the character that I was playing.   Apparently being sleep deprived, exhausted, and running on adrenaline was  exactly what the role needed.  The show opened an quickly became a hit.  Farragut North  became a favorite of  audiences, Jeff judges, and critics alike.  Here are some of the critical high-lights:

Brian Plocharczyk, whether with tear filled emotionality or single minded passion, creates an indelible portrait of a soul caught in the crossfire with his Stephen.

- Brian Kirst Sheridan Road Magazine

Plocharczyk has just two sweet spots here — he can play the hell out of cocksure moments, as well as the guy’s intensely rattled transformation…

- Nina Metz Chicago Tribune

The Cast

Plocharczyk is stellar as hyper-articulate Stephen, channeling the easy charm of Bradley Cooper, the affability of Adam Scott and the calculated chatter of Jesse Eisenberg.   -Lauren Whalen

Plocharczyk sparkles with charisma in the play’s first half…    -Kris Vire Time Out Chicago

Plocharczyk must carry this dazzling show on his shoulders and he does so very well. By turns he is ruthless, inspired, paranoid, vengeful and ambitious. Through it all he retains a core of likability and charm even as his actions grow progressively more despicable. This is a man who aspires to a kind of demigod like power, but is continually thwarted by his own messy humanity.       - Rory Lehy

Brian And Melanie Derleth

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